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JyotishTools Pro Fall 2018 Update

Here’s some info on the latest JyotishTools Pro. Due to the way version numbers are used on the different platforms I’ve labeled this the Fall 2018 Update. Note there may be another update too.

First off a bug was fixed in the Muhurta that didn’t get the location info right if you decided to use the atlas to set a location. BTW, one thing I may fix for phone but not needed on desktop and tablets is the ability to set the resolution of the year slider as it can be hard to set a certain year on a phone.

Apple released iOS 12 and it seems to only effect one thing on Pro for iPhone and iPad.
Update - the iPhone and iPad version has been fixed and updated on the App Store. For iOS 12 Apple replaced the usual sans-serif System Font with a serif font with does not look good for the chart displays. The new font also omitted some glyphs usually found in fonts like the degree glyph. In the update I specified the sans serif font which corrects the problem.

On the rashi display (main screen or left side on tablets) the degree symbol got broken. This also happens on the Muhurta tool. The degree symbol gets replaced by an empty box which is the standard symbol when a font character is not found. See the picture below (note the font got changed too).

There was a little delay in the Windows 10 version being made available on the Microsoft Store. What happened is that the app failed testing on two Lumia Windows 10 phones. Frankly I was unaware that the app would even be tested on any phones. WinPhone support was gone even before Pro was released for Windows 10 last year. At that I needed more clarification about the tester report. What I did to get the app approved was deselect “Windows 10 Mobile” on the submission. I was concerned that might not allow the app to be installed on Windows 10 tablets but apparently “Windows 10 Mobile” just means phones. Checking on my bargain priced 8” Windows 10 tablet on the Microsoft Store did not give a warning on that site that it was not available for the tablet as it does when I visited the site on Linux.