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Introducing Hybrid Charts

One of the problems programmers of jyotish software face is how to neatly display northern and eastern charts. Both have odd triangular areas where it’s difficult to draw planets neatly. Drawing these charts by hand may not be a problem but they are really problematic when it comes to computer displays.

My solution was to develop a “Hybrid” chart style. The house or sign layouts are the same as in the traditional versions of these styles. Both basically have three columns across the top. Both display the zodiac counter clockwise. North style charts have fixed houses while east style charts have fixed signs. The hybrid style also has three columns across the top and bottom and the direction is also counter clockwise. Here is the north style hybrid chart:

And the same horoscope in the traditional northern “diamond” style:

As you can see it is easy to read the hybrid chart. This particular horoscope isn’t so bad in the traditional chart style but if there are more than a few planets in a house things get crowded. The hybrid style checks for more than 4 planets in a house and goes to two column mode per house. Otherwise the planets are displayed in a taller easier to read font.

Here’s the eastern style hybrid chart. Houses are fixed with the middle top box being Aries.

And the same horoscope in the traditional eastern chart style:

These exciting new chart styles are available in the latest version of JyotishTools Pro. Get JyotishTools Pro here:

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