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Windows 10 Here

If you read my previous post I commented on Windows 10 and how some of the Jyotish Tools users found the program works OK. Yesterday I got a new Windows machine to replace a 5 year old desktop. The new machine has Windows 10 so I downloaded and installed Jyotish Tools with no problem. I just did the standard install and no compatibility settings and it ran fine.

The program though is over 12 years old and was built on an very old version of Visual Studio. It also uses a framework I never liked much. I have been planning for some time a new product or possible version 2.0 to replace it. Actually the Android version was a venture into a new version.

There has also been some demand for a layout similar to the 10” tablet layout but on smaller 7” tablets. I don’t like maintaining multiple versions and I recently acquired an Android TV device and would even like the app to run on it. So I’m looking at a kiosk like design that will run across all devices I develop for.

And the kiosk like design will reach the web site too as I want to update it to a new even easier to read design.