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Oh Dear! Windows 10 is Here!

People like shiny new things and some of us can’t resist having the latest thing. Windows 10 has been launched by Microsoft. Does it work with Jyotish Tools for Windows? Well so far one user reports it didn’t launch but another reports it did but was asking for the key each time. By the second report we can see it does run on Windows 10 and the solution there is to get a fresh download which will resolve the key prompt. The first may be resolved by using the compatibility settings which Windows 10 provides.

I don’t have Windows 10 running here. The only computer that could install the free update is needed for other development at this time. Sales don’t actually justify buying an extra machine either. Most likely given the first two reports there should not be a problem. So make sure you get a fresh download from the web site and if problems persist look up Windows 10 Compatibility Mode. You may need to set it for Windows XP.