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The New Online Horoscope

Though I debuted the new online horoscope as a beta last fall it is now taken over as the Online Horoscope at JyotishTools.com.

Unlike the old online horoscope it produces a chart using Scalable Vector Graphics which are clean and clear regardless of screen resolution. It is also integrated into the chart display as HTML5 so that you can save the chart offline or print it.

The new chart also offers an atlas for locations of 15,000 or more population. These are selectable by Continent then Country then Place. Your choice of Continent and Country is also saved as a cookie so you don’t have to go through this selection each time. The atlas also does a check of the date and time for the time zone used and whether DST was in effect.

This does require that you have a modern browser that supports HTML5 so if you have an old one like Internet Explorer 8 then not only the online horoscope won’t work but the website won’t display correctly either. Browsers are free so don’t be afraid to update. Still stuck with Windows XP on your machine? Download the Opera browser as they still support XP. They also use the Chrome engine so you get nice widgets for date and time.

Those of you who use my Android apps like JyotishTools and Tropical Skies will recognize the atlas layout. There however the location size is for population of 100 and up. And you can also use the online horoscope on Android too where you will get the familiar Android date and time widgets. It will also work with the iPhone not sure about Windows 8 mobile but probably.

Systems Approach users can select SA Malefics which indicate the malefics for the ascendant in red. Also you can select Northern or Southern chart styles. These settings are also saved as cookies for future sessions.

One thing I have been playing with is making the chart display more horizontal to fill today’s widescreen monitors and scrollable on small handhelds. This is possible through “responsize design” which is also how the JyotishTools.com site is viewable with one layout on either PC or mobile.

Until next time “Happy Transits!”