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More Stuff to Download

The blog has been switched to Hugo using an Octopress theme. This makes it easier to handle the blog.

Looking at my logs I noticed that some folks were looking for the QuickJyotishAE app for Android so I added it and GPS Prasna under Extras in the Home sidebar as “Free Android Astrology Apps”. Both apps have been updated to use Scalable Vector Graphics so that the charts always display clearly and fill the screen of any device. This proved popular with the versions on Google Play.

These versions are for Android devices like the Amazon Kindle which do not have Google Play on them.

I also updated the Junior Jyotish setup. It now includes the dependent Microsoft DLL in the setup. One would think the DLL would have been included as legacy in Vista and up but not so. Originally I didn’t need to include the DLL in the first versions of Junior Jyotish because they were part of the Windows OS. The new version is now 1.4 MB in size and it allows printing again.

Stay tune, more things are coming!