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The Blog is Back!

My webhost did away with the free blog back in June so there hasn’t been a blog available on JyotishTools.com for awhile. But now it is back.

Support Emails

I get support emails from folks which I usually immediately reply. However sometimes when I ask a question for further support I do not get an answer back.

So if you want an answer to your question or further help be sure that:

  • support@jyotishtools.com is not blocked for your email.
  • Check your junk folder for replies from support@jyotishtools.com if you haven’t received one.

I have at least one ongoing inquiry that appears the user is not receiving my replies. This is useless and the user remains frustrated even though I’ve replied a number of times.

The second issue is support emails which don’t tell which product you are talking about. Apparently some of you think I made only one software product for one platform. There is:

  • JyotishTools for Windows and Android
  • JyotishToolsAE for Android available on Amazon.com because Amazon devices don’t support Google Maps.
  • TropicalSkies for Android
  • TropicalSkiesAE for Android on Amazon, again no Google Maps.
  • Numerous other free products and games.

So make sure you include which app and what platform and also what device you are running it on.

Until next time: Happy Transits!