More About Stretched Charts

Apparently some customers liked their charts stretched to fill the screen on their vertically tall phone. That is understandable if you have some vision problems. However stretched charts have the problem of cutting off some of the minutes on the right side of the chart. So I made charts on “tall” phones reduce their height so that all the planet data is visible.

On JyotishTools for Android only the degree is given in the chart. But for JyotishTools Pro since it is a substitute for a desktop app both degree and minutes are provided. This can get tricky especially for the northern style chart with it’s odd spaces (and why I created the northern hybrid chart style).

However for those who prefer the chart to fill their phone I’ve added a switch under Settings so you can turn on stretched charts in the latest version (1.41). This effects Android and the option will be added to iOS phones too.

Below is an example of what happens when a planet’s position gets cut off on the right. Both the normal and stretched charts are displayed. (Images have been resized to fit page)

normal chart display

stretched chart display