Updates Status and Support

A few of you like me may have one of the new “long form” phones on Android. Some of these have been around for awhile. Mine has what I call a CinemaScope screen. It is more than twice as long as it is wide. Problem is the way charts work in JyotishTools Pro is that stretches the chart too much vertically in the process of trying to fill the area for the chart.

The solution is to limit how tall the chart is on a “long form” phone. That will leave some space below the chart but at least then a planet listing like MeR 24°56 doesn’t get cut off on the right side of the screen particularly when using the northern style chart. Unfortunately this update is being delayed by a problem with the development system.

Also on hold is clarification on where and how exactly where backups the chart database may be allowed to saved. Seems Google wants paperwork for this. Personally I think this security stuff is getting a little ridiculous.

This also effects some of you if you have an Android 10 phone and find you can’t save a text or chart image. Currently with Android 10 (and maybe earlier) Pro tries to save to the JyotishTools folder in internal emulated storage. That’s a public folder that you can access using the Files app and move, copy a file where you want. If the folder doesn’t exist it is supposed to create it except that now with Android 10 that’s not allowed. BUT, you can create that folder and Pro can then save the file. Here are the steps:

  1. Launch the “Files” app and select Internal Stored Memory.

  2. Create a “JyotishTools” folder.

  3. Try saving the text or the png chart file again.

The delayed update should solve this problem.