Updates Coming Soon

Just a few quick notes about coming updates and one that’s on hold. For devices with Android 11+ the feature to upload and download charts to Google Drive will be going away. Google has changed how that works and not to my satisfaction however the ability is there to save the database to a folder on Android for export or import from that folder.

Newer versions of Android have a Documents folder and some have had a Downloads folder for some time. Android 10 and above have a Documents folder and the text files saved by JyotishTools Pro are saved there. This might change to the Downloads folder which where the chart database may come and go. From there you should be able to export the database elsewhere like Google Drive, DropBox, etc. Details will be forthcoming and it’s delayed for the moment by Google.

Also on hold is the display change for long form phones. It will be available along with the update mentioned above. This will be for both Android and iOS.

Occasionally I get reports of people being prompted to “buy” an app they already own via Google Play. This may just be a server glitch on Google Play so just try opening the app again. This happened to a number of users a few years back and not just with my apps. At the time Google Play support was not even aware of it but they were by the following day and it was fixed. If that doesn’t solve the problem then contact Google Play Support. I can’t do much about this but I do appreciate if you let me know this is happening. These things are under control of the vendor be it Google Play, Apple AppStore and the Microsoft Store.