Site Under the Weather

I don’t know if anyone really reads this blog much at all but if you do you may have noticed in recent days the JyotishTools site has been sick or as I say at the top of what works on the site as “under the weather” or maybe it is Mercury being debilitated.

The problem is for years I have been using the Hugo static site generator. I even made my own theme for the site. However a lot of the young software engineers who develop these things can’t leave well enough alone. Using any update to Hugo broke the site and using the last version that still created problems probably due to computer updates.

This blog was switched years ago from Hugo, due to such headaches, to Hexo. That site generator certainly has had improvements but nothing much that broke sites like Hugo does. The problem is like many static site generators is they are “blog” oriented and not easy to create a landing page site which is what you do for commercial businesses.

So making a new site for JyotishTools with Hexo will not be a trivial task but then it will be far easier than trying to figure out what Hugo broke and what needed to be changed. As it was I have been planning to redesign the site anyway and with no intention of using Hugo for that. In the meantime I’m going to post a one pager on the site with the essentials like the links to the apps on sale of the various app stores. Also with a new design, this blog will be replaced by an articles section since I notice few bothered to read this blog.

And while I’m at it, there is an update coming for Android and iOS phones which fixes the tall stretched charts on “Cinemascope” phones (the ones that are exceptionally long). Those cut some of the minutes off on the right side of charts.

Update: The “one pager” now has an extras page for downloading some of the free Windows apps and links to the free Android apps on Google Play. Also the Online Horoscope is back online and available from the home page.