New Clothes for an Old App

Quick Jyotish was one of the first apps I developed for Android back in 2009. Google notified me a few months back that unless I qualified the use of GPS location services the app might be taken down. Actually there was nothing wrong with the way GPS was being handled as it did not constantly run in the background which was what Google was concerned about. But confirming that was extra paperwork.

Since the app used an older version of location services and I had updated other apps like JyotishTools to the newer location services I decided to pull that feature into Quick Jyotish. The newer location services need some more work as I along with other developers found that unless you move around much in your area the location doesn’t get updated and will return 0 for longitude and latitude. That’s somewhere off the coast of Africa in the Gulf of Guinea.

With some more work location may be back but more useful for Quick Jyotish was a small atlas. The app is free and needs to be small for those without much free or cheap access to broadband. The atlas is for cities of 15,000 or more and has date sensitive time zones just like JyotishTools and JyotishTools Pro have as well as the online horoscope on the JyotishTools site. It’s available in version 109 which I just uploaded to Google Play.