Pro Update Features

The February 2021 update for JyotishTools Pro for Android has several important changes for use. First off it includes support for Android 11 devices. Google made a few changes with Android 11 specifically with where files are saved. Previously text files and images (PNGs) were saved to the JyotishTools folder in “internal storage”. With Android 11 devices the files text files are saved Documents in “internal storage” and images (PNGs) to “Pictures” also in “internal storage”.

Also added was the ability in the Utilities section to backup the chart database (Charts.db) to the JyotishTools folder for devices Android1 10 and under and to Documents with Android 11. This allows the user to select and move the file where they want other than just Google Drive. It also allows for importing a Charts.db file if it is placed in the JyotishTools folder (Android 10 and under) and the Documents folder (Android 11). As before when imported any exact duplicates are ignored for import.

Location support has been enhanced though there I have noticed that currently it needs some “priming” as instead of getting the location from GPS satellites it uses a collection of sources include wifi and cell tower information. Supposedly this is better than just getting info from the satellites. I know that many users found that the GPS location often took too long or just failed. The way this system works is that it takes the most recent location. But it sometimes doesn’t work either. I found I had to sometimes take the phone outside and then Google noted the location change and it became available. And other developers find this frustrating too. I am looking into a way of forcing the update.

On an additional note I am planning to upgrade the JyotishTools site and will be moving the articles here into the site itself. Seems few people even know this blog is available.