Google Drive Uploads

This article pertains to JyotishTools Android and Tropical Skies Android when saving charts to Google Drive. JyotishTools Pro does have the problem discussed here. Google announced back 2018 that they were going to shut down the old way of using the Google Drive API late in 2019 and that apps should use a more web based system. Both JyotishTools and Tropical Skies were updated to the new method. However recently I learned that charts were failing to upload to Google Drive. Login is still successful which was the main change that was made but file doesn’t get uploaded. Though I am looking into this Google has been very poor at supplying a new example that works. They seem to have this idea we should all save things to Firebase which in inappropriate for saving the chart database.

However all is not lost. You can still backup your charts easily by email (sending it to yourself) or even using the Files app in newer versions of Android and uploading the chart database which is in the JyotishTools folder under Files and labeled JTCharts.db for JyotishTools or TSCharts.db for Tropical Skies. Selecting the file should give you numerous options including saving to Google Drive. Google Drive saves files of the same name by date so your older database won’t get overwritten.