Blog Update

As I mentioned in the last post I wanted to update this blog site because the old style is no longer supported and I didn’t like the static site generator. So here is the new blog look. The posts remain and for the moment (takes about a day) the Disqus comments links aren’t updated yet. I fixed those for the old site but should have waited for this update.

After trying different site generators I discovered Hexo and actually switched the old blog over in just one afternoon. Hexo is a fast and easy to use static site generator and the theme was easily customizable.

Windows Classic Charts

Occasionally I get a support email that someone can’t find their charts from JyotishTools Windows (the classic version). If you just save the charts they will usually go into the folder of the app itself such as C:\Program Files (x86)\Jyotish Tools\Jyotish Tools. This is NOT a good place to leave them but if for some reason the app gets uninstalled it will leave behind the .jtl chart files. As a rule Windows always leaves user generated files alone when an app is uninstalled.

A better place is to create a “Horoscopes” or “JTCharts” folder in Documents. These can be backed up various ways include just copying them to the cloud, CD or memory stick. You can even just zip up the folder and save it that way.

JyotishTools and Tropical Skies Charts

And Occasionally I get an email that someone can’t open either of these charts. These are stored in the JyotishTools folder on Android emulated external memory. You can find those using Settings on Android by selecting Storage and Other. Then you’ll see the JyotishTools folder. The JyotishTools charts are JTCharts.db and Tropical Skies TSCharts.db. These are SQLite databases which are commonly used on Android.

What I suspect may be happening is an overly aggressive virus checker may have blocked the database or some virus has infected the database. For JyotishTools Pro I made the database internal only accessible by the app itself. For all these apps one can back up the databases and restore them from the app menu.