New Pro Features

First off, this will probably be the last blog post with this format. The theme is old and has problems plus I have moved my static web development to using Gatsby instead of Hugo. It’s going to be a style change but old posts as well as comments will remain. I also became aware that the Disqus comments were messed up. Some had out-of-date links to an older version of the blog and those have been corrected.

The recent update of JyotishTools Pro changes the opening chart from Prasna to Current Transits. That is unless you have set a default location. GPS can’t be used because with some devices and locations it might take a while to get the coordinates. So either you get 0,0 which is west of Africa or a default location. The planets themselves don’t change just the ascendant. But I think or at least hope most of you knew that.

I also requests for a “favorite chart” feature. When a chart is created or loaded a heart icon appears at the lower right of the natal chart and if the chart has been saved and is not already in favorites may be added to a favorites list. You can display just the favorite charts by selecting heart icon in the Open Charts dialog.

Charts listed in favorites may also be deleted from that list from the Delete Charts dialog by pressing the heart icon there. Deleting a favorite chart there does not delete it from the database but deleting the chart from the database will delete it from favorites.

Currently “favorites” are just a text list which also track the database id of the chart. The list cannot be exported because the ids will not be the same in another database. Plans are to roll the favorites field into the database but that will require and update of the database table and the database will not be backward compatible.