Windows Warnings

I’ve received a few emails about this kind of warning dialog which appears when trying to install Jyotish Tools for Windows (classic version).

Back when Jyotish Tools for Windows was first published in 2003 these probably didn’t occur. What it means is that the setup file is not signed and probably back in 2003 only large companies signed their apps if it was possible then. This is also somewhat similar to the certificate that websites which have an “https” prefixed use. Unfortunately for small developers signing certificates are expensive and difficult to get. Even some open source software is not signed.

Sometimes the warning may show up when running the Jyotish Tools app itself:

Signed apps may say something similar but display a light blue background instead of yellow and give the name of the publisher.

As long as you get the download from you are safe. But you can also run a virus checker on the file before installing. Also I provide the setup file checksums for extra protection.
sha1: bdefdb74bdebb4293c61e5f37b7a226b2d5c1ff9
sha256: 5bb91dd8c179f7d500f78e35e33f7d45b3263beb55f325cc157573ed8f07315d

(These are for the setup file only.)

To check on Windows 7 through 10 here is the command line:

-hashfile SHA256```


```CertUtil -hashfile c:\\Users\user\Downloads\JTWSetup.exe SHA256

It’s possible if you get a version the app from a different site a virus or malware may be attached. So that is why it is important to get the app from This is not a problem with JyotishTools Pro for Windows since Microsoft signs the apps from the store.