Feeling Secure

Recently Chrome added a security notice to their browser. This is really nothing new but Chrome is doing differently than Firefox and other browsers have been doing for sometime.

A “secure” site is identified by using an SSL certificate which costs money and can be difficult to get. This gives an HTTPS instead of a HTTP to the site prefix. Generally unless you have a login or take credit card information a secure site is not needed. Supposedly insecure sites may be easily hacked but are generally not if there is nothing there for hackers to collect.

At this time I see no value on adding an SSL certificate other than keeping some people from being scared away by an unnecessary notice. There is a way to get a free one which is the only one I’d consider. Sometimes I feel like government and industry wants to squeeze out the small guy and believe me enterprise companies won’t be doing astrology software.

That said, recently someone informed me of a bad download they’d received from the site that their virus checker detected as malware. Looking into that it was not the case. There was a bug in the file serving script that had prefixed some text at the beginning (a file path) that it shouldn’t. I simply switched to another script that doesn’t do that.

If you have a problem with a download be sure to let me know.