JyotishTools Pro 1.08 (Windows 1.1.16)

Version 1.08 of JyotishTools Pro has been released. The Windows 10 version is 1.1.16. This is due to the way that Microsoft numbers things different from Google. Also there may be minor updates on Android and collectively later on Windows due to the delay created by the Microsoft Store “vetting” the app which can take up to three days.

This version includes a Muhurta tool and Graphical Ephemeris. Though the Windows version of the Muhurta tool allows for changing the location for some reason there was a bug in allowing this feature on the Android version so it is omitted on Android until I have time to find why it isn’t working. However the location for the Muhurta is taken from the currently open chart. Also the Muhurta tool itself cannot check for DST as that would impair performance.

The Graphical Ephemeris unlike the old JyotishTools for Windows is limited to a monthly display. This makes it a lot easier to spot transits. The Windows 10 version properly displays the range of years from 1600 to 2399 with the currently selected date displayed in the list. For some reason the developers of the cross system failed to implement this for Android and the list that’s shown starts at 1600 AD. Not something users will want to scroll through to select a more recent date. So temporarily I have limited the date range on Android from 1980 through 2100 AD.

With version 1.1.16 of the Windows 10 version I have removed the popup dialogs and each screen is full with what was the dialog layout centered. This is due to a bug in the plugin used for popups which crashed on Windows.

I hope you enjoy the new features on JyotishTools Pro. Remember for Windows there is a 7 day free trial available from the Microsoft Store. An Apple iOS version is temporarily delayed as I wait for funding to acquire a Mac for development.

JyotishTools Pro for Windows 10:

JyotishTools Pro for Android is available in two versions, one for phones (portrait display) and one for tablets (landscape). This is so users of tablets and select which version they want instead of being forced to a landscape version. The landscape version is not recommended for phones.

JyotishTools Pro for Phones

JyotishTools Pro for Tablets