Using the atlas in JyotishTools Pro

This information is also applicable for JyotishTools Android, JyotishToolsAE (Amazon) and Tropical Skies Android.

Several years ago I began including an atlas derived from the data at the Geonames website. Geonames is an open source website with a very comprehensive atlas with also includes a listing for the time zone which can by accessed on Android devices and via library on JyotishTools Pro Windows. The time zone database is mostly historical especially for locations after a period in time where time zones became standardized for DST changes.

I do occasionally get a support email where someone complains that a city is missing. In some cases it isn’t a city at all. For instance “The Bronx” a location in or around New York City is actually a borough or district. To keep the atlas database small which still includes locations of 100 or more in population amounting to over 160,000 places I omit districts. I also omit the alternative spellings which would bloat the atlas to some unreasonable size.

When using the atlas it is generally best to enter the first few letters of the place and you will get a listing of places that match. In some cases you may be used to a different spelling than is officially in the atlas as the city name. So this works best and saves some typing on mobile devices which is not easy to do. I do plan to add a little message at the top suggesting to do so.

Update: The next version of Pro will handle the Atlas Search a little differently than before. Turns out a few major cities would not show up with a wildcard search which was limited to 40 locations. The new search by default will search for the city name as given exactly and will return as many that match in the database. There will also be a wild card switch to search that way and returns up to 100 locations.