Cataloging Horoscopes by Ascendant with JyotishTools Pro

I’ve just added some new tools for JyotishTools Pro including the ability to catalog all the horoscopes by ascendant.

If you click on each ascendant listed then you get a list like this and clicking on the name will launch the horoscope.

Both lists can be saved as text to the external JyotishTools folder for future reference. These features are very handy for research.

Also added in this recent version is the ability to save the chart Info as text as well as a catalog of all notes in the database.

JyotishTools Pro is currently available for Android devices both phone in portrait mode and a landscape version for tablets. A Windows 10 version will soon be released and an iOS version is planned.

A free demo version is also available. Note that the tablet version is a separate app as are the demo versions, one for phone and one for tablets.

JyotishTools Apps on Google Play