Announcing JyotishTools Pro

JyotishTools Pro is a new app for users who want to do more than just look at horoscopes on the run. More users are abandoning their desktops and notebooks and doing more work on phones and tablets. JyotishTools Pro fits the bill for this. Among the features added in JyotishTools Pro:

  • Four chart styles include a wheel chart with aspects indicators.
  • Vimshottari dashas continue to list beyond 120 years when scrolled (useful for mundane astrology).
  • A transit chart that with changeable date and slider to adjust the date 30 days on either side or adjust the time over 24 hours.
  • Wheel transit chart with biwheel. Includes aspect lines.
  • A full information report including strengths, signification of the planets in the horoscope. This page is also available as a printout.
  • Printable horoscope page including selected divisional chart, transits and dashas.
  • Printable divisional charts page.
  • Bhukti group list.
  • Systems Approach Triple Transit Report
  • Thirty Day Planetary Strength Report
  • Aspect page for planets and SA MEPs
  • Ephemeris
  • Utilities for importing and exporting charts for backup.

Currently Pro comes in two flavors for Android devices: one app for phones and one app for tablets. Versions for Windows and iOS will be forthcoming.

The tablet and phone apps are separate because over the last few years there have been users who maybe due to vision problems wanted the portrait phone layout on their 10” tablet. There were also 7” tablets users who wanted the landscape layout only available with JyotishTools on 10” tablets. So I needed to have a choice available and that’s why the phone and tablets versions are separate.

There have also been frequent requests for iPhone and iPad versions of JyotishTools. Plans are to release version of JyotishTools Pro for iOS in the near future. This is all been possible by moving development away from an Android exclusive development to Microsoft’s Visual Studio using their cross development system where one app can be developed for Android, Windows and iOS.

There are some compromises though because the apps being cross developed tend to be larger and some of the usual dialogs etc simpler. However one nice things about this cross platform is that the screen displays are always sharp regardless of the screen size.

Check out the free demos of JyotishTools Pro here (requires Android 4.4 “KitKat” or higher):
JyotishTools Pro Demo for Phones

JyotishTools Pro Demo for Tablets