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Info and tips for JyotishTools products.

JyotishTools Pro Saving Text on iOS


On the iPhone and iPad users can save files externally to the iCloud and possibly other services if those have been set up. This is a good way to get files like the Info file for a chart and use it in an article or reading. Note that iCloud can even be set up on Windows if you want to use the text files there. Note that these text files may not be compatible with NotePad so use WordPad or other text editor on Windows.

Feeling Secure


Recently Chrome added a security notice to their browser. This is really nothing new but Chrome is doing differently than Firefox and other browsers have been doing for sometime. A “secure” site is identified by using an SSL certificate which costs money and can be difficult to get. This gives an HTTPS instead of a HTTP to the site prefix. Generally unless you have a login or take credit card information a secure site is not needed.

Google Burps


Back at the first of July I started getting emails from users saying my apps on Android like JyotishTools and Tropical Skies were stuck at “Activating…”. First off the only thing I could think was wrong was that the user was somehow not reaching the Google Play server to check for a valid license. Usually though if it cannot connect the license will just fall back and allow the app to run (it will do this only so many times).

Introducing Hybrid Charts


One of the problems programmers of jyotish software face is how to neatly display northern and eastern charts. Both have odd triangular areas where it’s difficult to draw planets neatly. Drawing these charts by hand may not be a problem but they are really problematic when it comes to computer displays. My solution was to develop a “Hybrid” chart style. The house or sign layouts are the same as in the traditional versions of these styles.

JyotishTools Pro 1.08 (Windows 1.1.16)


Version 1.08 of JyotishTools Pro has been released. The Windows 10 version is 1.1.16. This is due to the way that Microsoft numbers things different from Google. Also there may be minor updates on Android and collectively later on Windows due to the delay created by the Microsoft Store “vetting” the app which can take up to three days. This version includes a Muhurta tool and Graphical Ephemeris. Though the Windows version of the Muhurta tool allows for changing the location for some reason there was a bug in allowing this feature on the Android version so it is omitted on Android until I have time to find why it isn’t working.